Drawing on History

Deborah Swanson, Graphic Designer & Author

For ten years Deborah concurrently homeschooled her two children and maintained her design business. Her oldest graduated from high school in 2010 after being homeschooled for 10 years and her youngest entered public high school in the fall of 2010 after being homeschooled for 9 years. She spent eight years co-op educating history, science, literature, and art with a number of her friends and their children.

Her approach to teaching history has always been through historical fiction, art, and hands-on projects. Her two children, and many others whom she has had the privilege to teach, have always enjoyed this tactile approach to learning. After taking five high school boys through many of the projects in this book, she realized that more students could enjoy this type of learning, even if they weren’t interested in art, and decided to put it into book form. Her goal with this book was to give every mom, artist or not, the ability to teach history, art history, and art to their students and to give high school students another, different resource to learn about the history of the world as it relates to art.

Drawing on History - Art Curriculum for Homeschool High School Students - Atascadero Graphic Design Studio - Deborah Swanson Graphic Designer - Studio 101 West Marketing & Design

Drawing on History — An Interactive Approach to Art & World History for High School Students

Intro: The world of art history is truly like a fine tapestry. Artists weave their lives into their art; they are affected by their surroundings, local and global events, as well as other art movements. As one style moves in, one moves out, and other brief styles interrupt or influence the other. While it is all happening you don’t really get a sense of the whole picture, much like looking at the back of a tapestry while it is being made. Today a student is able to gaze into the past as if looking at the front side of a tapestry—seeing an amazing picture of history.

This course is intended as a brief survey of art from 1830–1970, just before the Civil War to the early 1970s. We will cover most of the major art movements that evolved during these 160 or so years, but not all of them. Many of these movements span extended periods of time and some change slightly during that course of time.

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